Vital Parts of Every DIY Wired Home Security System

Infrared motion sensor 466282673In order to make your DIY wired home security system as effective as possible, there are a number of devices and features you should consider making an integral part of it. With crime rates up the way they are, you can’t afford to leave your home defenseless, and in truth, 9 out of 10 burglars will steer clear of homes that have home security systems. There are two main parts of a home security system that you should make sure you have fully considered: deterrents and alarms.


The first defense your home has against home invasion or burglary is your home security system’s deterrent features and devices. By deterrents, we mean any feature of your home that would discourage a criminal from choosing to break into it. There are a number of things that can do this from lighting to cameras, and here we’ll give you a basic overview of some of the most common ones used.

Lighting is a great first step, because it’s the first thing immediately apparent about your home during the nighttime. 200171288-001No burglar wants to venture into a well-lit area for the fear of being seen or caught, so they tend to target dark houses, whether during the day or night. Consider installing motion sensor lights in your front porch area and even on either side of your garage door. If a trespasser ventures near, they will flicker on and reveal his position, immediately sending him scurrying off in the other direction. For indoor lighting, it may be wise to invest in some light timers for whenever you are away for extended periods of time. These give the appearance of someone being at home because they will periodically turn lights off or on throughout the day or night. A fake TV is also a fabulous invention that is sure to send away potential threats. Many burglars check to see if lights are on in the home, and a fake TV emits the flickering, color changing light that is so recognizable as a TV even if the blinds or drapes are closed.

Cameras can act as another great deterrent. No burglar wants to get caught in the act on video, so most of them will flee the scene the moment they see a camera. If you don’t want to install a real surveillance system, think about investing in some very realistic-looking fake cameras to mount near your entryways.


If your deterrents don’t work, alarms are an incredible safeguard that can save lives. By alarms, we mean any device that triggers a warning signal of imminent danger to those in the house. These can be motion sensors or door/window alarms, and they are absolutely vital to every home.

You can find a number of great motion detectors at local home improvement stores or online. Some use l684720_52805410ight to detect movement, some use passive infrared (PIR) to detect human presence, and others use ultrasound to detect out-of-place objects. PIR detectors are a great option for outdoors, while the others work especially well indoors. These detectors can immediately alert you to the presence of an intruder so that you can remain safe and alert the necessary authorities.

Door and window alarms are also an important investment. Some are fairly cheap and can be easily mounted to the surface of any door or window. They create a circuit that, when broken, triggers an alarm that signifies that the door or window has been opened when unauthorized. Glass break sensors can also be applied to window panes or placed near them to detect the sound or vibrations of breaking glass, alerting the house when they do.

Outfit your home with the necessary deterrents and alarms and you will have a two-tiered DIY wired home security system to both keep burglars away and give you ample warning if they come anyway.