Adding a Smart Thermostat to Your DIY Home Automation System

Household energy usage meter 186796121There are countless gadgets out there that you can add to a DIY home automation system. There are automatic door openers, whether signaled by a button on a remote or by motion sensors; there are automated lights that turn on when you walk in the room or can be set to preprogrammed settings on a control panel; there are home maintenance machines that can be programmed to clean your floors for you while you’re away. All of these and more can add to your comfort and ease in your own home, and they can also be an incredible benefit to the elderly or disabled. One such device is the automated thermostat, which is a thermostat that can be multifunctional, programmed to perform automatically, and save energy while it works.

Preventing Damage While Providing Comfort

Family home 152139068Automated thermostats are incredible devices that can protect the integrity of your home. They are easy to manually install, and some of them can learn from you which temperatures you like best during which times of the day or year. They monitor the temperatures in your home, and they can be set to automatically turn on the air conditioning or heater any time the temperatures fall or rise to certain preset levels. Some of them even have “away” functions that will lower in-home temperatures to energy-saving levels while you’re away from home. With remote access, you can change these in-home temperatures from your mobile device while you are coming home from work in order to prepare your house for your arrival.

While these thermostats may seem to only provide convenience and ease, they can also provide a great amount of protection to your home’s integrity and the health of your possessions, pets, and goods. Have you ever felt worried as you leave your home for a business trip or vacation in the middle of a bitter winter or a sweltering summer? home-security-152011468The truth is, you should be concerned! If temperatures drop too low in your home without the heater kicking in, your pipes could freeze and potentially crack, which could cost thousands of dollars to repair and leave you inconvenienced until those repairs are made. A smart thermostat can be preprogrammed to kick on the heat when temperatures reach certain levels, and if not, they can even message you in real time to alert you to temperatures that are dropping too low.

The same goes for that sweltering summer heat. While heat may not have the damaging effects of the contracting caused by below-freezing temperatures, it can still be dangerous for pets left at home or goods that could be expensive to replace. Some valuables and collectibles can also be damaged by temperatures that are too high, and some of those things may not be replaceable. Once again, an automated thermostat can help you prevent temperature spikes within your home, and can automatically alert you to any problems or dangerous levels.

These thermostats can also be incredible beneficial to those who may be taking care of sick or elderly loved ones. Those in poor health are greatly affected by the temperatures they live in, and sometimes it can cause worry if you’re leaving them alone for the day or even a few days. You can easily check the temperature from any mobile device, and this can be a great benefit to the disabled as well, enabling them to change it from where they are so that they can save the trip to the room where it’s installed. Having an automated thermostat can be a great investment and addition to your DIY home automation system.