Essential Components for Your DIY Home Alarm System

If you’ve decided to upgrade your home security, you may be considering installing your own DIY home alarm system. This can be a lot of work, but many homeowners find that it not only saves money, but it is a fun project for the whole family. Couple enjoying coffee 126475073It can also be very rewarding when you stand back and take a look at the finished product, knowing that your elbow grease has given your home stronger defenses and your family greater peace of mind. Now before you go running off to the home maintenance store, it’s important to sit down and think about your home’s needs and weaknesses. What kind of security are you looking for and why? How can you ensure that your home will be protected and that your family will be safe? Here you can find some great tips on how to DIY your very own home security system with the most important features to strengthen your defenses.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are some of the most important first-line defenses your home can have. Not only do they deter potential unwanted guests, but they can give you and your family fair warning any time someone is trespassing when they shouldn’t be. crime-89679921They can also very effectively scare off intruders the moment they go off, keeping your family safe from any possible harm or danger.

Burglar alarms come in all different shapes, sizes, and kinds. They can be installed into doors to keep them from opening and attached to windows to alert you to glass breaking. They can come in the form of PIR sensors, motion detectors, and even welcome mats. Choosing the right kinds of alarms for you will go a long way to making your home a safer place.

Security Cameras

You’ve surely seen mobster hideouts outfitted with them in the movies, but have you ever considered installing your own surveillance system, even if it’s comprised of only one or two cameras? Security cameras provide you with a way to literally keep eyes on your property whenever you want to, keeping track of who is coming and going and when. Many surveillance systems can even be connected to your mobile devices so that you can check the feed while you’re away. You may find that learning about the different kinds of cameras available to choose from and their varying uses may convince you that a security camera system would be a valuable asset to your home.

Central Control

One of the best ways to stay on top of your home security system is to have a place of central control for it. Consider wiring all of your security devices to one main control box, or syncing them with a central app on your Typing alarm code 187979771mobile device so that you can easily control your home’s defenses from one location. Believe it or not, this is a far greater asset than it is a liability, and most control boxes, panels, or apps come with safeguards built in to prevent tampering or to sound alarms if tampering occurs. One thing is for sure – it will save time and be more effective than you making rounds every night to make sure that each separate device is armed and each door is locked.


You may not think it, but convenience should be a concern for every homeowner thinking about DIYing his or her way to better home security. You don’t want your home security to be an unnecessary hassle that makes it difficult to use and sometimes keeps you from maintaining it. The good news is, home automation advances in recent years have made virtually any amount of ease and accessibility possible for you to enjoy with your home security and comfort. You can automate your system as well as other features of your home, including doors, lights, and more.136169892-home-automation If you’re looking for greater ease and are seriously considering adding more home automation features to your home security, you may want to think about turning to a professional security company to help you meet your needs. There is only so much you can DIY before trained experience and know-how become integral to the job. To speak with a professional about your home automation and security system options, call 866-565-4305.